Oh No! Not Again!

‘Oh No! Not Again!’? Oh YES!!! Following a 31-year(!) hiatus, South Dutch punk legends Scoundrels return to the front with a huge bang… and with their brand new third LP! Like the case with so many releases, there’s a lot one can say about the album. But maybe the most important thing is that the band’s many fans – old and new alike – will not be disappointed, since ‘Oh No! Not Again! definitely is not one of those ‘lame reunion albums’. No sir, these songs don’t sound like they were recorded by a bunch of veteran punk rockers who merely celebrate the so called “good old days”. On the contrary! For their brand new full-length LP Scoundrels came up with 11 tracks that sound vibrant, fresh, energetic and very, very inspired. In fact, the Scoundrels have never sounded this accomplished and impressive!

Although the material is clearly rooted in ‘80s punk/hardcore and post-punk, there’s no doubt that ‘Oh No! Not Again! is a modern punk record. The songs are about the world as we know it today and the production is top notch!

Do you want to hear it? Then Listen here!